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With more than 20 years of Television Broadcasting experience, YeloStreamCo brings a level of quality to the production of your event that is unseen in the Live Streaming industry.

YeloStreamCo is built around streaming the most important moments in life to family, friends, and colleagues around the world. Regardless of worldwide pandemics, it is not always possible for those close to you to attend that special moment or event, be it expensive travel, or simply limitations on attendance numbers.

While we strive for the highest possible quality production, we treat our clients with the respect and professionalism they deserve. We don’t treat your Live Stream as an advertising opportunity for YeloStreamCo. The day is yours and we treat your Live Stream with the utmost respect. We also run your Live Stream as an unlisted YouTube link (unless otherwise requested) to afford you the privacy and ability to share and invite people to attend as you see fit. Be it publicly on facebook and other social media platforms, or privately on whatsapp or email.

we're creative

It’s not enough to be technical, we bring creativity to your livestream

we're responsible

We’ll make every effort to translate your event to the world

we're punctual

We’ll be on-site and ready to go well before your event starts

we're friendly

Customer satisfaction is key and we’re not happy unless you’re happy

Live Streaming is our passion and we actively develop our Live Streaming processes and choose our professional grade equipment to maximize the efficiency and quality of our productions. This gives you access to quality levels, previously limited to television productions, at a price that’s affordable to the everyday person. Our Dream Stream Team will come to you with everything required (cameras, lighting, audio equipment, internet data, graphics etc) to stream your event professionally. 

We can stream your wedding, funeral, education, business, milestone birthday party, baby shower, kitchen tea… 

You focus on your event, we’ll stream it to your world!


This is one of the most important days of your life. The start of your new life, and you want to share it with family and friends from around the world. You want everyone special to you to attend your special day, but it’s near impossible to accommodate the hundreds of guests you’d love to attend. This is where YeloStreamCo comes in. We’ll bring the cameras, lighting, sound (microphones etc), internet and skills to stream your wedding to social media for all your friends and family to see, live! With customizable packages available, you choose the level of production to suit your budget. We’re not here to replace your wedding video or photos, we’re here to help you share your special moment to friends and family around the world.


All of us have had to or will have to, at some time or other, go through this traumatic and sad event. Many family and friends want to be a part of the day to show their support in a way they possibly couldn’t otherwise be it due to travel limitations or expense, venue size, time off work etc. We can also assist with a slideshow of special photos (supplied by you) that can be played before, during or after the service. This will also form part of the live broadcast for all viewers to see the wonderful memories. Let us help you say goodbye to your loved one and create a wonderful and lasting memory for you and your family and friends around the world..


Company Long Service Awards functions or end of year functions - we can bring your various branches together at a fraction of the cost of flying everyone to head office


Milestone birthday parties, i.e. 21st, 50th, 60th, etc, Baby shower, Kitchen tea / wedding shower. If there’s an event you’re having and you want to stream it - we will be there for you.

Pricing to suit your needs

Choose one of our popular pre-built packages to best cover your event. Should our packages not suit your needs or budget, let us build a custom package for you. Lower or higher. 

We’ve got you covered

YeloStreamCo operates in the following regions:

With branches in both Gauteng and Cape Town, YeloStreamCo has you covered. We will gladly help you with your streaming needs throughout South Africa, travel costs may be incurred. 

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